Event Recap – Educator Wave: Innovate Future Learning With AI and Web3

Educator Wave: Innovate Future Learning With AI and Web3, co-hosted by Academic Labs, Launch JDI, and Edtronaut, concluded with resounding success on 16th April 2024.

The event brought together industry-leading experts, educators, and innovative startups to explore the transformative potential of AI and Web3 technologies in the education sector.


Welcoming & Opening Remarks

The event kicked off with an inspiring welcome speech by Ms. Lan, Business Development Manager at JDI. Highlighting the myriad possibilities AI and Web3 present for the educational landscape in Vietnam, she wished the attendees to gain valuable insights and forge meaningful connections during the event. These experiences would serve as catalysts for their journey to revolutionize teaching and learning methodologies.

Welcome speech by Ms. Lan, Business Development Manager at JDI (Photo: JDI)


Ms. Lan, Business Development Manager at JDI, also shared the vision and mission of Launch JDI, a specialized division of JDI, dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration in the field of educational technology.

Ms. Lan sharing more about Launch JDI (Photo: JDI)


Panel Discussion

The panel discussion of Educator Wave focused on AI and Web3’s vast potential within the educational sector, exploring how to effectively harness these technologies to personalized education experiences, and fostering innovation within educational institutions.

Mr. Tran Binh Ngoc, Co-founder and CTO of Edtronaut, took the stage and captivated the audience’s attention as he shared the explosive growth rate of online learning platforms in Vietnam that leverage AI and Web3 technologies.

Attendees are captivated by the insightful sharing from Mr. Tran Binh Ngoc (Photo: JDI)


Leveraging his expertise from leading Edtronaut, an AI-enabled platform fostering adaptable and forward-thinking educational experiences, Mr. Ngoc emphasized both the opportunities and obstacles that businesses face in integrating these cutting-edge technologies into their offerings. His insights provided attendees with practical knowledge essential for successfully leveraging AI and Web3 applications.

Mr. Tran Binh Ngoc sharing his insights on the challenges & opportunities Web3 & AI present (Photo: JDI)


Following Mr. Tran Binh Ngoc’s enlightening sharing, the spotlight shifted to Academic Labs, represented by Mr. Terry Tan, Co-founder & CEO and Mr. Kennick Kek, Director of Partnerships & COO.

Mr. Kennick Kek taking the stage for sharing (Photo: JDI)


The panel discussion focused on how AI and Web3 can elevate education to new heights, illustrated with their web-based learning platform that leverages these emerging technologies to enhance educational experiences for both learners and educators.

Attendees learning about Web3 potential in education (Photo: JDI)


Additionally, attendees were able to participate in an interactive Q&A session, directly exchanging and discussing with our esteemed speakers. The lively discussions sparked innovative ideas and solutions, igniting new perspectives and inspiring collaborative endeavors in the ongoing pursuit of educational excellence.

Attendees are enthusiastically participating in the Q&A session (Photo: JDI)


An attendee is asking his question to the speakers (Photo: JDI)


Networking Activity

One of the highlights at Educator Wave is the networking activity where participants were able to forge meaningful discussions with industry-leading experts, educators, and innovative startups in the ecosystem while also enjoying a delectable spread of gourmet treats and beverages.

The atmosphere is cozy and lively as meaningful connections are established (Photo: JDI)


A light-hearted discussion between attendees and Mr. Tran Binh Ngoc (Photo: JDI)


Like-minded professionals sharing their contact information (Photo: JDI)


An Attendee sharing his contact with Mr. Terry Tan and Mr. Kennick Kek (Photo: JDI)



Educator Wave: Innovate Future Learning With AI and Web3 served as more than just a platform for networking and sharing the latest educational trends with AI and Web3 technologies; it was a catalyst for meaningful connections and collaborative partnerships.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to host such a gathering of passionate individuals dedicated to advancing their fields and driving positive change. Thus, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all attendees, and speakers.

With anticipation, we eagerly look forward to future collaboration to transform the educational landscape of Vietnam where creativity flourishes, knowledge thrives, and opportunities abound.


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