Why Work With Us

We enable businesses to accelerate growth into Vietnam quickly and profitably —
mobilizing your organization, instead of disrupting it.

Our Approach

Business Development

Designed to provide high level strategic planning models to help startups explore the feasibility of expanding into Vietnam.

Customer Development JDI

Customer Development

Validating business assumptions in the customer-problem-solution hypothesis to establish a clear value proposition.

  • 10 organizations (MQLs)
  • 1-1 business matching sessions
  • 1 business report to recommend a GTM strategy

Competitor Analysis JDI

Competitor Analysis

Understanding competitors and identifying gaps in the market to explore business opportunities and facilitate rapid gain in market shares.

  • Top 3 Competitors’ profiles
  • Marketing Mix – 4P’s
  • SWOT analysis

Market Setup

Assisting you in the creation of a market penetration strategy, specially tailored to any business needs.

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Company Incorporation

Covering everything you need to establish businesses as a legal entity, providing advice and guidance for partner networking along the way.

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Business Operations/Compliance

Providing law consulting services to equip firms with the needed knowledge on the legal compliances that comes with setting up business in Vietnam.

Market Presence

Bring your brand into the Vietnam market with curated marketing tactics, sales strategies and partnership programs

Marketing Strategy

Developing an effective marketing strategy to drive segmentation, targeting, positioning, and awareness for client brands in Vietnam.


Helping companies localize their business based on a unique understanding of local context and culture, legal compliances and consumer behavior.

Network Building

Tapping on the local network of partners, clients and customers to gener brand awareness and boost sales performance in Vietnam.

Our Network

Our ASEAN-focused partners lay the backbone of our network for market expansion in Vietnam

Case Studies

Learn how our clients managed to successfully penetrate the Vietnam market with the help of our team

Meet Our Business Launching Team

Industry Insights

Discover the latest market trends, business movements and growth opportunities

Let Us Support Your Business Venture Success In Vietnam