Why Work With Us

Build up your tech team overseas. Hassle free.

We offer a full suite of recruitment services so you can sit back as we settle everything from recruitment, onboarding, payroll to human resource administration.

Our Approach


Find The Right Candidates

Our expert recruitment team helps you source the right talents, hire the best people and supercharge your business in no time.

Build and manage the team

You decide who to hire, how much to pay and spend. We are here to make sure it happens!


HR Management

Employee welfare

We work closely with your remote tech team in Vietnam, keeping an eye on their welfare and engagement for you.

Support an innovation-ready workforce

We take care of human resources, tax filings, payroll, office setup, and other admin matters so you can focus on core activities with your remote tech team.

Recruitment Service

We make finding and hiring top talents possible, and affordable.

Sourcing and Screening

Based on your requirements, the team at Talent JDI sources for suitable candidates that best matches your needs, through a careful screening process of video meetings and phone calls.

Technical Test

Depending on the job role, technical tests can be arranged online via HackerEarth or offline by submitting a mini project on GitHub or onsite through test/assignment at our office.

Technical Interview

In consideration of each particular position, technical interviews can be arranged online via skype or other platforms or onsite through meeting hiring managers directly at the office.

Offer and Onboard

We help you handle the offer negotiation process with the candidates and collect relevant documentation to successfully onboard your new hires.

Internship Programme

At Talent JDI, we help undergraduate and graduate students from Singapore to work and live in Vietnam through internship opportunities. The program is designed to provide real overseas working experience in a professional environment, to help broaden their perspective and career path option.


Professional Skills

New Culture


Build Up


Boost Student


Human Resource Service

We Take Care Of Your Remote Tech Team.
So You Can Focus On Growing.

We Can Help You With

  • Recruitment
  • Employer-of-Record
  • Payroll Administration
  • Talent Relocation
  • HR Consulting
  • Talent Development
  • Office Setup

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Our ASEAN-focused partners lay the backbone of our network for building and supporting remote tech teams in Vietnam

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Learn how our clients managed to successfully their ideal remote tech team in Vietnam with the help of our team

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